Do you have the morals to rob a pig?

Recently I have been toying with new and more creative (easy) ways to earn extra cash.

Since my jaunt in the Fetish Shoe industry, I have decided to have another look in further detail as to how I would go about actually perusing these little mall’eds that love throwing cash at dick’eds like me.

Ever heard of a pay pig?

Me neither until recently, but that’s what they call themselves.


After spending a huge part of my hungover morning attempting to research the best way to go about this, I discovered my new title, IF I was to take this pretty snide idea seriously.

FINDOM. Aka Financial Domination.

Now, to be honest this isn’t a route I was planning on going down but I have stumbled across this territory a few times now and something makes me think that the powers that be, really want me to force submissive guys to give me cash.

Sounds harsh right? Is it.

But they love it, hard.

I discovered numerous websites devoted to this shit and it’s a fucking HUGE industry that people are literally devoting their lives to.

All be it most of these girls are spoilt princesses who are too stupid to have an actual career/are too lazy to work OR know exactly what they can get for free.

I did the obligatory thing and set up a very basic profile just so I could have a snoop at what is actually gwarning on these sites.

Let me tell you first of all, 95% of these guys are never going to part with any cash, they are never going to buy you a things and they are most certainly never going to be a meal ticket if that’s what you are looking for.

Most of them just want to hear you say that you are going to bankrupt them so they can shoot there load over their most recent bank statement.

Okay cool, whatever floats your boat yeah?

However there are a good few out there that really want to do this, they genuinely really get off on parting with their hard earned cash and getting it took off them from a stranger who doesn’t give them so much as a thank you.

There is no sex, no meeting, no benefits in it for them at all, other than them getting used.

Who would do such a thing, I hear you ask?

Too many people, that’s who.

You see these berserko’s on twitter flexing their Amazon wish lists, sending them out to their little pay day piggies.

The fuckers get most of the shit as well.

Now it’s a very time consuming avenue to pursue this malarkey, one that at this time, I don’t know that I have the time for.

Time management is one aspect of this little escapade, the other more aspect, the one I am still struggling to determine If I can push to the back of my mind is …


In no way shape or form this morally a good thing to do. I know this 100%.

But then the other half of my brain that see’s the dollar bills is saying…

‘Look these guys WANT this, they are literally begging for it’

Now I have met enough berserk guys to be sound in the knowledge that I could be a seriously ace dom to some poor bastard sub guy, I’m abusive, humorous and creative.

But MORALLY can I ignore this big black cloud hanging over my head on this little swaray?

Hmmm it’s a tricky one.

Some say it’s form of prostitution, now I think that is a little farfetched to be fair, it’s just not very nice.

That’s how I would describe it, distasteful, uncouth,  a bit fucking grim.

But yet so so many pro’s also.

I think the best way to see how I really feel on this matter is just to go sick on some submissive little dork and see if I cry afterwards.

I only cry when I feel REALLY bad so that will be a sure fire way to confirm if I really am a big enough cunt to do this sht.

I’ll wait until weekend, have a few tins/pints/shots of the dutch courage and go crazy yeah?

If my conscience over rides this plan before hand, you will know as there will be no follow up post on this shit.

Wish me luck. 


Any comments? Go ahead yo..

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